Opening of the POZI series

17th of February

Overview of the opening
Fish Eye view of Leo
Leo looking at Leo
Leo and Frank
Tim, Lindsay, Rebecca and 'Jonathan'
Overview of the opening
'Jack' and observers
Frank and Jack
Frank and Eva
Tinus, Martine, Karl and Szukalski
Jane, Frank and Jean-Luc
Frank and Leo
Proud daughter
Fafa and 'Frank'
Jane en Frank
Tim, Lindsay and Bert
Frank and Jan
Jack in front of 'Jack'
Frank and Suzy

Photographs by EFDCP, Tinus and Bert Coppens

In February 2017 Frank exhibited his new series (Pozi Series).

He focuses on several figures sitting on the same wooden chair.

His main materials include acrylic, oil and eggshells.